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Search Engine Portfolio

Web Page: www.w3courses.com
Keyword: W3courses
Page Rank: Google(1), Yahoo(1), MSN(1), AOL(1), AltaVista(1), AllThe Web(1)

Web Page: www.w3courses.com/code/html_code.html
Keyword: Free html code
Page Rank: Yahoo(8), AltaVista(8), AllThe Web(8)

Web Page: www.w3courses.com/code/prolog.html
Keyword: Free prolog code
Page Rank: Google(29), Yahoo(1), AltaVista(1), AllTheWeb(1)

Your Search Engine Placement service has really helped me to get my website listed in the top results of the major search engines. It is worth the money I spent.
- Gina Norman

Web Page: www.nsbulldogs.com
Keyword: NsBulldogs
Page Rank: Google(1), Yahoo(1), MSN(1), AOL(1), AltaVista(1), AllTheWeb(1)

Web Page: www.nsbulldogs.com
Keyword: Miniature english bulldogs
Page Rank: Google(13), Yahoo(28), MSN(9), AOL(10), AltaVista(27)

Thank you for helping me to have a place in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. I struggled a lot to achieve high ranking before subscribing to your service. I really appreciate your services.
- Rick Ramirez

Web Page: www.realsikhism.com
Keyword: Real Sikhism
Page Rank: Google(1), Yahoo(1), MSN(1), AOL(1), AltaVista(1), AllTheWeb(1)

Web Page: www.realsikhism.com/faq/gurdwara.html
Keyword: Sikh place of worship
Page Rank: Google(1), Yahoo(1), AOL(1), AltaVista(1)

Web Page: www.realsikhism.com/sikhsites.html
Keyword: Sikh websites
Page Rank: Google(3), Yahoo(23), AOL(1), AltaVista(25), AllTheWeb(24)

Web Page: http://www.realsikhism.com/marriage.html
Keyword: Sikh wedding ceremony
Page Rank: Google(4), AOL(3)

With the help of your Search Engine Placement service, we are getting around 1000 unique visitors everyday. Thank you.
- Gurpreet Singh

Search Engine portfolio and testimonies. The testimonoes of website ranking in the top results of the search engines.
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