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Parallel Exchange releases its products under the following licenses:

Parallel Exchange Free to Use License
Parallel Exchange Commercial License
Parallel Exchange Redistribution License

Privileges Free to Use Commercial Redistribution
Price FREE Varies depending on the product
Remove "Powered by..." message Unbranded Edition Only
Remove copyright from the Source Code
Install on mutiple domains NA
Install multiple times on licensed domain NA
Modify code at your own risk
Distribute, sublicense, sell or transfer the software itself
Share, rent, or lease your license
Distribute, sublicense, or sell the software in a Larger Software Package
Please read the entire license agreement for more information

Licensing FAQs

Q: Can I remove the "Powered by " message from the footer?
A: You can only remove the "Powered by " message if you purchase the Unbranded Edition of any version of our products. For example: Unbranded edition of Standard or Professional version, etc. If you have Branded Edition, you must keep the "Powered by " message intact in order to remain complaint with the license.

Q: When do I need a Commercial License?
A: You need a Commercial License if you want to remove the "Powered by .." message from the footer of the Standard version of the Software or if you would like to purchase the Professional or Enterprise version of our Softwares. Only the Branded Standard version of our software is issued under Free To Use license, all versions (expect Branded Standard version) of our softwares are licensed under Commercial License.

Q: Can I Upgrade from a Branded to Unbranded edition?
A: Yes, you can upgrade anytime from a Branded to Unbranded edition by making the purchase.

Q: Can I use the Software on more than one domain after I buy the license?
A: No, during the checkout process, you will be asked for a domain name where you would like to use the software. The software will be license for that domain only and will not work for any other domain name.

Q: Can I install the software multiple times on the licensed domain?
A: Yes, you can install the software as many times as you want on the domain you purchased the license for.

Q: Can I upgrade from pervious version to the new version under the same license?
A: You can only upgrade to the highest level of the same major version number. For example, if you buy a license for version 1.2, all upgrade up to version 1.99 are free. However, you will have to purchase the major versions, for example version 2.0 and version 3.0 and so on.

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