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Frequently Asked Questions -------

Q: Do you really build a custom design?
A: Yes, we ask our client what color, design, and style they would like to have for their site and we then build the custom design for each of our clients. Our design are NOT based on templates. Your website will get it's own custom and unique design.

Q: Is the Domain Name and Web Hosting really free?
A: Yes, the domain name and web hosting are free as long as you keep the monthly subscription.

Q: How can I edit my own site?
A: After we build your site with a custom design, we will give you login information so that you can login to the admin panel and edit any content, post photos, create links etc.

Q: What kind of statistics Google Analytics provide?
A: Google Analytics provides detailed information about the visitors to your website. It shows how many unique visitors visit your site, where in the world your visitors are from, how much average time they spend on your site, and much more detailed information.

Q: What is Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Submission?
A: Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo crawl the web and index websites to deliver search results for the terms searched by visitors. Search Engine Optimization makes sure that your website contains all the right keywords and tags for search engine to correctly index your site and display your site at the top of the search results for terms related to your site. Search Engine Submission consists of submitting your site to various search engines so that the search engines know your site exists and they can start crawling your site.

Q: What does Share on Social Network do?
A: Share on Social Network adds a button for each social network site on every page of your site. The visitors to your site can share your website, article on your website, or a product or service on your website with their friends on facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, and other social networks. You will recieve complete details about how many users shared information on your site and how many of their friends clicked on the shared post to visit your site. Example is shown below

Q: What does Follow Us on Social Network do?
A: Follow us on Social Networks allows your visiors to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Anytime you add new content or videos, you can share the newly added content on facebook, twitter, and/or youtube and your followers will get an instant notification. You can use this feature to let your followers know about your location, your current sale promotions, or any type of notification. Example is shown on the right.

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